Many of the largest institutions have lots of different login portals, divisions, and subsidiaries. Often, these will all appear when searching for the institution, as you can see that there are multiple results when searching for “Bank of America”.     


This may seem confusing, but in most cases a quick glance shows that most of these are for logins to Bank of America investment, retirement, credit card, and loan accounts. The correct choice for most users trying to find the login for most Bank of America checking and savings accounts is “Bank of America”.  


Then, enter your financial institution credentials (ID and password) for your bank, credit union, brokerage, etc. to import your data electronically – this is your user id and password that you would use to login to online banking .   After entering your credentials, you will be asked to “sync your accounts.  You may choose to complete the process by selecting “done” or “add another account”. 


This process will be repeated until you have set up all your checking, savings, investment accounts.  Depending on how many accounts you have, it could take a few minutes for each account enrollment. The good news is, you only must enroll one time!  Once you have accumulated your accounts, hit “Sync Accounts” and the data will be electronically captured and imported into your FinLocker.  


Remember:  your credentials are never stored, but only used one time to import your data from your financial institution. 


Note:  Multi factor authentication (MFA) notice.  For increased security, your financial institution may ask you to verify your information in more than one way.  Multi-Factor Authentication adds a second layer of security to help prevent anyone other than you from accessing your sensitive information online. This is accomplished using two types of authentication to verify your identity when logging into a system. 


You may be asked by your financial institution to enter a security code that is sent to your personal email or to your mobile phone.   Simply enter the code in the appropriate field when prompted to complete your account enrollment.